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HP Probook 6360b 5V CPU FanHP Probook 6360b …
₦ 9,500

Windows 10 SoftwareWindows 10 Softwa…
₦ 1,500

Dell Latitude 6330 Motherboard i…Dell Latitude 633…
₦ 37,000

HP 15-R065NO Laptop 15.6" Displa…HP 15-R065NO Lapt…
₦ 9,500

HP G62 Hinge SetHP G62 Hinge Set
₦ 8,000

iPhone SE Cellular AntennaiPhone SE Cellula…
₦ 3,500

Intel Core i5-3210M SR0MZ 2.5GHZ…Intel Core i5-321…
₦ 17,000

Kingston 2gb DDR3 Desktop PC RAMKingston 2gb DDR3…
₦ 2,500

Netgear AC / DC Adaptor 12VNetgear AC / DC A…
₦ 1,500

OmniView KVM Switch with AudioOmniView KVM Swit…
₦ 5,000

500GB SATA Hard Disk Drive (HDD)500GB SATA Hard D…
₦ 5,000

Trust Universal 90W Laptop Charg…Trust Universal 9…
₦ 5,000

Infapower’s Wired Waterproof …Infapower’s Wir…
₦ 5,000

Original Desktop PC Power CableOriginal Desktop …
₦ 1,000

Mouse PadMouse Pad
₦ 1,000

OEM HP ProBook 6360b Laptop Fram…OEM HP ProBook 63…
₦ 6,000

Northbridge Chipset Cooler PAC-P…Northbridge Chips…
₦ 3,000

SanDisk 16GB Flash Drive USB 2.0SanDisk 16GB Flas…
₦ 2,500 3,300

Kingston 1gb DDR3 Desktop PC RAMKingston 1gb DDR3…
₦ 1,500

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) LCD Scr…Samsung Galaxy A5…
₦ 31,999

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Replace a scratched or broken screen in your device

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Replace power adapter, cable or even button to fix unresponsive power in your device

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Side Buttons

Replace damaged ⁄ scratched side button or torn cable connecting the internal audio control switch to fix unresponsive volume or mute button

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Digitizer (Touch Screen)

Replace damaged, broken or unresponsive touch-screen on your device

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Give life to your device by replacing a dead or damaged battery

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Hard Disk Drive

Replace hard disk drive if you need more storage space or your computer can't load an OS such as Windows, etc.

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Random Access Memory (RAM)

Add RAM to your device to boost the performance

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Replace faulty camera to fix problem with focusing or malfunctioning selfie camera

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Other Issues

Didn't find your device issue? Click to see more device issues

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Replace faulty or unresponsive keyboard for your device.

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Fix connectivity issues to Bluetooth devices by replacing a damaged or missing Bluetooth in your device.

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Fix connectivity issues to Wi-Fi devices by replacing a damaged or missing Wifi in your device.

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Fix problem with motherboard by replacing a malfunctioning or dead motherboard in your device.

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Fix problem with starting your computer by replacing a dead central processing unit (CPU) in your device.

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Charging Port

Fix connectivity & charging problems by replacing a faulty, dirty or malfunctioning charging port

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Optical Disk Drive

Replace faulty and unresponsive CD ⁄ DVD optical drive in your laptop or desktop computer.

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Won't Boot

Fix issues with booting to OS desktop in your device

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Install, customize or upgrade your PC and mobile OS, drivers and apps

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